The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

A sense of control

Having and keeping a sense of control is a natural desire and there is nothing wrong about it.

Our ability to organize ourselves and create some predictability for our future is essential to feel at ease. It fits into our daily rhythm as well as the rhythm of nature. How much of it is needed will depend on each individual. For some, it means for example to have a well-organized and precise agenda, for others it might be sufficient to have a general idea of what’s next.

It’s a representation of how we give meaning to our lives. It happens as a constant choice between our own plans and the way we contribute to plans we bought into.

Things change when control isn’t about predictability but about outcomes.

When control is understood as achieving outcomes, it becomes an open invitation for frustration. It is a representation of how much the ego is connected to what we do.


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