The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

A sense of being attached

People’s relationship with results usually is a form of attachment.

For some, reaching the result is of utmost importance, possibly even something they identify with. If they can’t reach or achieve the result, they’ll experience their sense of self as troubled.

For others, it is more linked to the risks that need to be avoided. The effort becomes to remove any interference with the sought result. There is little stability to be found on the journey where so much can go wrong. The quest thus becomes one of avoiding interference with one’s experience.

Yet others will be ambivalent and try to combine the above. They’ll try to organize the journey as well as identify with their ability to achieve the result. They’ll exhibit their anxiety with the achieved or possible result and will avoid connecting too much with the process for fear that it will make it even harder to succeed.

Another approach to reaching the imagined objective feels like going on a journey with a guide. It’s satisfying to be on the journey and to have a direction that helps to discover what is on the way. However, there is no fixed image of a result to be achieved, there is an idea of an outcome that is constantly being revised and adapted to what has been learned.

To be able to let go of being attached to a result requires looking at what it is that constitutes the attachment. There might be more or different variants than the ones described. What they are there for, is to see that too much attachment has a reason that one may not need to hold on to.



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