The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

A reminder on boundaries

Human beings are used to boundaries, they are a given of nature. Think for example about forests, rivers, and other ways the landscape is changing. Animals will stay within the spaces that feel natural to them. They may cross the boundaries, but they will only do so when there is a purpose to it.

At first sight, the idea of boundaries may seem to be a limitation to one’s freedom or creativity. But this is only one way of seeing them.

However, artists are also known to have changed art by pushing on boundaries and crossing them. They used the boundaries as an inspiration. One they could overcome.

Another way to look at boundaries is by taking them as clear delimitation. Whatever is to be done, will happen within that space. In such a case, whatever is outside is considered as not being relevant in the given situation. It simplifies things. It also liberates.

The most oppressing boundaries are the ones that are not defined.

They remove any limit to one’s responsibility and possibilities. This results in being responsible for everything and needing to choose from limitless possibilities. It makes everything overwhelming as it is impossible to handle the task rationally. Consequently, it is not possible to establish a sense of safety as there always is more to deal with or something that has not been explored yet.


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