The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

A natural reaction

When things disturb us when events happen we don’t like, when life doesn’t do what it should, …

It’s time to start to blame, the situation, life, or others.

It’s easy to do. There is no shortage of things that could have been better, that people could have done better.

And if it isn’t blame, why not take the indirect route and find problems? They create a lot of space to exhibit competent thinking.

It’s a natural reaction. It’s the desire to wish any discomfort away.

However, it happens by shifting one’s responsibility and power away.

It rarely does the job.

The alternative is to look at the situation as is. We always have a choice to impact it. It is up to us to choose how. It starts with being willing to change something within ourselves. It can mean to decide to accept the cause of discomfort.

It can be hard to do and take time. But it’s effective and dissolves discomfort.


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