The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

A desire to improve

Sometimes a client shares the idea that it’s important to keep learning or to keep improving.

It’s what we seem to be asked to do and we find confirmation in the fact that many share that approach.

There seems to be something missing in this idea.

Where in this is the view on what is already there? The challenge generated is to accept how what one knows now is good enough. Maybe not every time, nor everywhere, but for enough reasons. It is the result of the learning and experience built until now. And, often enough it becomes valuable to others, once shared.

The drive to continuously learn and improve tends to shift the focus to “always more” and discards what is already there. It generates haste to move on instead of taking the time to enjoy and see the use of what is already there. That is, of using it to the benefit of others. People who help see its value and its gaps.

The irony of the desire to continuously improve may be that it slows improvement down by leaving existing outcomes aside.

The art of continuously improving may find its description in the ability to enjoy that what exists is already good enough if it is combined with curiosity as to what else there can be.


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