The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Where we are in life

For many people, there is a consistent difference between where they want to be and where they find themselves to be.

Neither of them will be very precise. The want often is nothing else than an idea of better, happier, or some other positive description. The now on the other hand will often be focused on the details that are less than they hoped for.

It’s how people will explain their lack of comfort in the here and now or how they’ll give meaning to why others seem to be better off than themselves.

What most don’t see, is that they are where they lead themselves and how they used the opportunities life presented them with.

It doesn’t mean that everyone can become an Albert Schweizer, a Warren Buffet, a Ludwig van Beethoven, a Hans Hartung, or a Maurice De Bevere (Morris). Circumstances will not allow for that as everyone has a unique life story.

It just means that the sequence of daily choices adds up.

Clay Christensen described this by explaining that his knowledge of the purpose of his life was something he applied every day.

But he was also kind enough to share how much work and time he invested into understanding what the of his life was. This also means that he didn’t simply rely on what common sense or his environment was saying it was.



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