The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

When a task makes proud

The lumberman was proud. He had just felled a probably 250 years old oak tree.

It was one of maybe a thousand oak trees they are searching for throughout France. The architects have given some clear specifications as to how the trees should look like, what size and shape they should have.

It is all part of the gigantic work to be done to reconstruct Notre Dame in Paris after a fire hit it in 2019.

It was beautiful to listen to the pride and joy of the people contributing to its reconstruction. They know that it is a job that happens maybe once in a lifetime.

It is rare to find oneself acting within such an arch of time. Replanting oak trees for future generations. Benefiting from the work of those who planted their oak trees some 250 years ago. And contributing to rebuilding a masterpiece.

In these moments people are happy and proud to know that they are adding something to the work of many. It doesn’t matter that what they did will not be visible to others. It only matters that they know what they did. They now have a story to tell.

Contribution matter.


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