The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Training the mind

Performance starts with the ability to be present in the moment. It is the only moment in which reality can be accessed and observed.

Performance also requires acceptance. The ability to accept one’s thoughts, sensations, and emotions without any preference is how all our energy can be focused on choosing our reaction to the existing stimulation.

Other people’s performances may be a reference for us to learn what is possible. However, it is our awareness of our ability at that moment as well as our ability related to our experience that allows to determine the performance that can be delivered at that moment. Naturally more might be possible, but that might be for the day when the work needed to get there has been done. This means that performance results from our ability to be grounded when it is called upon.

There will be more that impact performance, however, the above three may only become accessible through training the mind. The more uncertainty we have to live with, the more there is to benefit from training the mind.







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