The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

There is a reason

A question teams will frequently ask is how to align a purpose with the objective of earning money.

The reason why such a question frequently occurs is that people fear that something may be perceived as transactional or as not fair. Sometimes they wonder if wanting to earn money is ethical. At other times they ask themselves under what circumstances they can ask clients for money as they are not sure that the service they provide corresponds to the value expressed by the amount they want to charge.

What they rarely consider is that the need to ask and the desire to give belong to the rules of the system. How money becomes part of it depends on the circumstances. It is one of many ways people use when the objective is to share their resources.

It’s when money becomes an organizational principle.

Why and for what people need such an organizational principle is their respective purpose. Using money enables everyone to live the individuality of their purpose. It doesn’t matter if they know it or not. It is there.

Without money, one would need to align everyone’s purpose or even would need to unify it.

However, when money becomes the purpose in itself, that is, when it becomes the end and the means, things shift, and competition as well as comparison set in.



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