The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The desire to be right

Whenever there is a desire to be right, there also is a fear that it might not be the case.

It is a duality that Is inevitable. One people get stuck in.

Deciding on one’s own what is right regularly leads to frustrations when others are involved. Wanting that others confirm that one is right isn’t helpful either. It leads to being frustrated when it doesn’t come.

It’s an energy drain. It drains energy because it never answers the real question.

What the desire to be right hides, is the people’s desire to be safe within the group they belong to.

Acceptance or belonging are at risk whenever not being right comes with a risk of losing status or reputation.

Instead of verifying what risk there might be with not being right, people seek the security of being right themselves.

What they miss seeing, is how them being right puts others at risk of not being right.

It’s how their desire to be right becomes everyone’s desire to be right.



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