The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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They can’t be avoided

Choices. Change. Emotions. However, it is possible to decide if they happen to us or

Seeking comfort

The comfort zone is a widely used idea. It serves as a reminder that to

Seeking clarity

Finding clarity is like wandering through the fog until there is a clearing. Sometimes it’s

Distractions are here to stay

The number of available distractions is simply incredible. There is the story one tells oneself.

Drifting back

During a rich team coaching session, the team decided to move forward and change their

Exploring and Explaining

Different situations require different approaches. There never will be a universal solution. But there are

Planning patterns

Much of the learning we do is there to help us learn to see patterns.

Being Empowered

It’s easy to assume that to be empowered is coming from the outside. That is,

When it isn’t an opposite

Recently I had the opportunity to learn about some research done by colleagues. They were

Talking about others

It often is a good idea to think about a given situation with others. They’ll


In a recent blogpost, Gabe Anderson suggested that “Your rest will be tense if busyness

Waiting for an answer

Many questions don’t have an answer. And others may not be receiving an answer. Sometimes