The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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The happiness trap

Apart from the fact that happiness is a deeply personal concept, there are two ways

What is that story?

What people do is based on a story. It is the story they’ve started to

A note on perfection

Is it the ability to be perfect? Or is it the ability to react in

Chasing an answer

The desire for certainty triggers makes it seem normal to need to have answers. And


Not too long ago I was coaching an impressive young man. He was very disciplined

Thinking and thinking

Not too long ago, I nearly missed a flight. I was on a train going

It’s the situation

Over the years I’ve learned to work with different personality type models and found them

Requests for change

Those who give feedback do this because they sense that a change would enhance the

Putting Intention first

When we share stories, they are there to entertain, teach or for example invite others

Soliciting Feedback

For many leaders, it is a regular habit to solicit feedback. However, when they start

Reaching a goal

A short while ago I was participating in a golf competition. The course was extremely