The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

A story of growth

On the day people started to trade and separate tasks they invented the idea that the sum of one and one is more than two.

It started our economic model of growth.

On the day people invented money the output of a task became interchangeable and reciprocity was transformed. The worth of our work became intangible.

It changed the possibilities of growth in our economic model.

On the day people invented the idea, that people could sell their time to work for others, wealth became an achievable dream.

Growth became accessible to many allowing for exponential growth in our economic model.

On the day money became a good that could multiply itself, it needed to find a place where it could be used, it needed to grow.

Since then people added stories to ideas. They connected with the dreams for growth. The task to transform ideas into reality became one of finding money to realize the dream one day.

Venture capital transformed work into gambling and invented failing. We have unicorns. Working for a unicorn means to bet on earning money today but only maybe tomorrow. Trusting others becomes challenging when stories become the foundation of the relationship.


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