The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Seeking descriptions

When people see a story happening, there is a natural inclination to make sense out of it.

When people tell a story, there is a natural inclination to make it interesting.

Perception is the way people use their worldview and their experience to transform and make sense of the experience they make in the moment. Doing so connects them with their emotional reaction to the events, and allows them to link the story with their idea of what is right. And if they are struggling with the experience, perception helps them making it an opportunity to name how things should be.

In seeing and telling the story conclusions and sense-making have almost automatically been included. Humans are experts in quick judgments.

It’s a hack.

It serves to confirm the story people are telling themselves about who they are and what their place is.

Taking the time to slow down and see things as they happen is challenging as it goes against the existing habit. It is a rare rigor to question a story and describe things without conclusions or beliefs. And yet, it would allow naming things as they are.

There is resistance as it is confronting things as they are with what we believe them to be.

The danger of letting resistance go is that it could transform the story we tell ourselves and share with others.




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