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The whole & its parts

How to say it

Thinking about how we say things, I googled “how to say it” and found something like 3,6 billion answers.

The first few pages were linked to the idea of scripting the things we say, learning how to pronounce things or finding the right words in another language.

It took me a while to find one search result that included the idea of listening.

There is something about communication that creates the idea, that communication means to be sending a message.

That might have worked in the past, in a past of kingdoms and industrialists, that is in a past in which status and power were clearly distributed.

It’s different today. We have to work hard to be listened to. We need to find the people who want to listen to us. We have to be able to tell them something that is meaningful for them.

In the connection age, communication needs mutual understanding.

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