The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Simplify our life?

The industrial age brought the invention of processes.

The internet brought an automation of these processes.

The automation created the idea that we only have to define the adequate automated process to get the work done.

We now have methods, tools and apps which simplify our life.


Prior to smartphones we remembered our friends phone number. We trained our memory.

Prior to GPS we remembered the way to drive to our friends address. We trained our sense of orientation.

Prior to Facebook we read newspapers and decided ourselves which part of the news we wanted to read. We trained our ability to make assertions and decisions.

Today we might be going beyond simplifying our life. There is a difference between using an app to simplify our life and using an app to lead us.

It can be a struggle to decide which of both we want in the next moment, it’s worth it to remain aware of our use of tools and methods.




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