The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Reviewing routines

When the world around us evolves, when we move on to other tasks our context changes.

With a new context, some of the habitual routines fall away, others stay, and yet others appear.

This tells a long story about the impact of our context.

An even more important story is how we choose to relate to it. That’s the story of the routines we have, lose, and develop.

Some routines are there to make use of the environment, others are there to engage us with it, and yet others are there to ease the tension with the environment.

These routines serve our ability to predict the future, to have reference points when we move from one place to the other, or to be able to engage in activities with less effort.

But it does not necessarily mean that they serve us as intended.

Is it a daily walk to savor nature or one to grab a coffee at the coffee shop? Do we choose to fight with the service agent, to ask him how his day was, or to give up on him?

What are the routines that serve you? And which ones are missing?



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