The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Receiving feedback

Feedback is a gift.

Yes, and.

Gifts may not be welcome.

Gifts can be acknowledged without being taken.

Gifts can be welcomed.

Gifts can be overwhelming.

Gifts neither give entitlement nor come with entitlement. That they come without obligation makes them precious. And it is care that transforms it into a well-received gift. Which isn’t necessarily one that will be followed.

Putting feedback into action means doing at least two things. One is to recognize the mindset and the understanding from which that feedback has been given. The other is to investigate how it fits the situation and intentions it seeks to address.

Neither the person giving feedback nor the person receiving the feedback has a full understanding of the situation. Sharing feedback is sharing one’s inner world, how one has been affected by a situation and behavior.

It can complete the understanding of the situation.

That’s the gift.


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