The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts


At school, we learned to give the “right” answer.

At home, we often learned to do the “right” thing.

It’s fitting in we’ve been taught, doing what is expected, making sure the answers are the ones others want to hear.

So in a new situation or taking up a new job, the first thing people search for is “how to do it right”.

It’s the situations in which to make sure they do it right, people seek reassurance.

And as we know what they are going through, we tend to give reassurance.

What if, we’d help in a different way?

Showing the options they have, helping others make their own choice?

Generosity isn’t about doing it right for others.

Generosity is showing others that it’s possible to choose for themselves what is right.

You’ll notice that that’s reassuring for both.


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