The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Position and action

When we show up, it is with the things we do. It is what others can use to take notice of us, how they perceive us, and what they use to categorize us.

It is a combination of behavior and achievements, the remembered results of our actions.

And, it’s what we can develop or transform through learning.

Where we show up is the space we’ve chosen to become visible in.

It’s a position based on our sense of self, our identity. It is a consequence of who we are. The sense of self is tightly connected to how we relate to others, the world, and ourselves. Our identity describes with what we identify ourselves. It doesn’t need anything external. And yet we often choose instead to identify with external things. For example, our work, where we come from, or our competence. It’s nothing we learn.

This position is a choice. We decide where we show up. Some of the choices might not have been ours at the origin, but sticking to that choice is ours to decide. So, I have not chosen to be born in Belgium or to move to Germany as a kid. But I do choose to see these countries as my roots. At the same time, I’ve since chosen to live in Luxembourg. I regularly revisit this decision and chose to stick to it.

Choice is the alternative to taking the status quo as a given. Making a choice means to take advantages and disadvantages into account when deciding what to do. It means to differentiate between accepting the given, seeing what can be changed, and moving on to a different position. It can also mean to choose the status quo. It’s useful to note that position is independent from having or achieving what we want.

Positioning is dealing with the here and now and creating space from which our actions can be effective. It’s nothing we develop. It’s something we gain clarity on.


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