The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Personal development

There are three things we can train: our body, our craft, our mind.

For some reason, most people focus on learning and developing their craft.

In retrospect, it seems that we tend to do it the wrong way around. Training our mind is the most relevant one and the one that has the most impact on the other two. It is the one that enables us to develop a presence to what is.

Training our body is the next one in scope as it creates the space for our mind to be trained and contributes to our ability to be present in our craft. It is the one that delivers the data that needs to be sensed in the present moment.

Training our craft may be the least important of the three, however, it is the one that makes tangible results most accessible. And it is the one that transforms our ability to be present in the present moment into actions.

There was a time in which the body was being automatically trained and the mind didn’t require that much attention as it had enough time to rest and less stimulation to deal with. That has changed.


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