The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Overlook the meaning

Communication can be difficult. Especially when people seek to temper a conversation and ask for it to be transparent.

Coming to a common understanding in a conversation needs people to be willing to question what they understood. It’s only by seeking to understand what the other meant that we can gain certitude on what has been said and meant.

Take for example the word overlook in the title, it can mean to supervise or to neglect. I meant both.

The words temper and transparent in the first sentence also have contradictory meanings. Temper stands for “to soften” or “to strengthen”.

And one of the most common requests, that communication should be transparent, lets you ask yourself if it means an invisible communication (meaning) or an obvious one. And maybe the request is to have communication which allows having all the details one needs when one needs them…



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