The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Looking for advice

As he explores the subject of mental health, Chris Guillebau also brings up the idea

Seeking clarity

It is questionable if clarity can be achieved alone. It depends on what clarity must

A gentle reminder

The last few years saw some changes in our communication. It is most certainly the

Enabling Leadership

There will be as many leadership skills needed as there are leadership situations. It is

Shared language

Once in a while, I’m using a word and think that I’d prefer to use

A shocking chapter in …

These last years, listening to the news has become a strange competition of finding the

It’s personal

Well, not always. However, it’s how it can be understood. Subtleties in the way we

The meaning of words

Words mean different things depending on the context in which they are used. As I’m

How feedback feels

It matters how the person receiving feedback feels. There are always situations in which it

The moral drama

Henry Kissinger once said that “we must learn to distinguish morality from moralizing”. I wonder

The pain loop

When the first reaction is to reassure the other it never is clear who is

I made this

One of the difficult steps in creating a product is to step up and share