The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts


Making one step after the other to achieve goals is a useful approach, but it can seem boring and it may require discipline.

It’s worth asking oneself what that discipline is for.

If it is there to stick to doing the work, for example, at a specific time of the day, or duration, then the discipline is mainly there as a frame within which the work can take place.

If it is there to do the work and deal with the struggle that results from having to do the work, the discipline may be there to replace the lack of motivation.

It leads to the question of where motivation is instead. What is it that energy and time are focused on? What is the pattern behind these activities? How does it attract attention and energy?

This might not lead to the discovery of what your next job or project is, but it does help to see the facts hiding behind what you do out of fun. The fun is only an indicator of the ease to let the energy flow. It doesn’t say what is important about it.




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