The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Lighting the path

Some hope for a better future, some see it.

Some make it visible. Yet others, help others see it.

Once people see it, they can start to implement it. By themselves or under guidance.

The communion between those who see and those who make it happen is where visionary leadership succeeds.

There is no one road to getting there. There is your road.

Commonly, these people are called good communicators. But I think they are more than that. Good communication is only the symptom of what they can do.

What they can do is see a better future for others. But they don’t stop there, they imagine and know who these others are and step into their shoes. They let go of how they think it must be done and how they would like it to be done, opening their imagination and senses to how the others would step in. Once they’ve learned to see the better future from these perspectives, it is what they make visible.

They don’t make others decide. They let others see how to engage and commit. They let them decide.

Those lighting the path, do much more than communicate, they make a path visible to those who looked for it. They show them the path they didn’t see by themselves.

Helping others to learn how to light the path is what Michael does. His, now published, manifesto describes the steps on the journey for those who are curious. Knowing the principles gets you started on your journey to light the path for others.

It’s not always the big thing, the huge project, or saving the earth.

Getting started with those you are exchanging with is good enough.

Everything else is a bonus and worth exploring.


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