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Learning from errors

Everyone makes errors, and everyone can learn from his errors.

It’s true.

But it doesn’t make the idea attractive.

This might be a reason that suggestion most often appears, once the error occurred. Thus, serving to soothe the sense of failure. Which is a way of rationalizing the situation and leaving one’s internal assessment aside.

However, the idea is still valid.

The idea here is, to practice one’s ability to predict the future.

When one thinks about it, it is clear that one cannot predict an outcome, how a situation will look like, or how others will react. What we know is that we are accustomed to some things consistently working out or happening in a certain way. We are surprised when it isn’t like that. What we also know is that we are pretty good at improvising or reacting in a variety of situations. We are surprised and frustrated when this isn’t the case.

Thus, we are already trained to predict the future. We may simply not make ourselves aware of it.

Anticipation and developing plans are the occasions when we make ourselves aware of the future. Through anticipation, we develop an idea of what we’ll be able to do and seek to adjust to it. Through planning, we seek to actively shape the future.

That is where we can make a choice.

One option is to expect to have it all right and thus be able to expect that future.

Another option is to trust one’s ideas enough to act and be curious about how they’ll work out. It starts with developing as much clarity as possible of one’s anticipation or plans while keeping in mind that the future is unpredictable. Which another way of saying, that there is way too much to know to always be able to predict the future and thus avoid all errors. While acting our experience will thus differ from what one anticipated and it now becomes interesting to be curious about how correct one has been.

That curiosity is the door to learning from one’s errors.



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