The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Intention and attention

Transactional analysis uses the idea of ego states to describe a coherent system of emotions, thoughts, and action. What this means is, that there the connection between thoughts and emotions will result in an action.

Take for example the leader who listens to a young employee. While listening he notices how anxiety rises and sees the thought appear that this employee might be on the wrong track. Based on these he might then decide to share his point of view and tell the youngster what he should do. For others, the resulting action might be a different one.

The coherence between thoughts, emotions, and action is not there to find out what is right. It is there to help gain a better understanding of how someone makes choices and thinks.

Whatever a person’s intention is, without paying attention to how someone relates to his thoughts and emotions it becomes difficult to achieve the intention. That is, without awareness of the connection between thoughts, emotions, and action it is difficult to choose an action that supports the intention.







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