The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Getting to doing it

The probably best thing about blogging is, that it means to do the thinking, the writing, and the sharing.

There is no excuse available, it doesn’t happen without doing it.

Naturally, there are days when it could be better. And there are days when it seems fine. In retrospect, the perception might change. But whatever comes afterward builds on what has been. And so, the whole also changes the perception.

What it also does is show how I can’t know what will come out of it.

It costs time. And it is time spent to live how I want to live.

I still may not be able to describe what “how I want to live” looks like in general, but in that activity, it is what is happening through my doing.

Whatever my activity has been and whatever the quality of engagement in that activity, that is what I chose as how I want to live.






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