The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Getting admiration

A motivation worth making oneself more aware of is the desire for admiration.

Admiration might be too big a word. There is a large set of choices available within the desire for attention, recognition, satisfaction, love, visibility, etc.

It may not matter how present it is. However, once it is active and remains invisible to oneself it can drive one’s actions. Quite often, it will be subtle, barely noticeable, or seemingly unimportant.

But it is not.

When it appears, there is a reason for it, not the worst of them being the need for it. And when it appears, there is a high probability that it has been lacking.

Beyond the sense that it is lacking, there is the reality that it might have been given, might not have been seen, might not be accessible, and might not have been given.

The more the need for it establishes itself, the more it will be asked for, and the more it will steer actions.

Choices will only appear when one becomes aware of one’s own needs or desires.

Choices will help to see that other places and occasions may be the better opportunity to fulfill one’s desire.





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