The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Expecting guidance

A team can expect guidance from its leader. That’s what a leader is for.

What the team and the team members can’t expect, is that guidance will always be given in the same manner. Or that it is always available where and when they want it.

It’s the same in any situation in which guidance can be expected.

Helping others find their way and develop their competences means to also expect these to change in the process. It is a reciprocal process, where both will engage with one another, both in a quest to achieve the same goal.

The challenging part of that journey is when expectations differ.

Assuming that guidance will be exactly as expected is a way to set oneself up for frustration. It makes it difficult to leap to engage and search for the guidance provided.

Assuming that those joining the group come in with a specific set of experience or knowledge is how those providing guidance may set themselves up for frustration. Whatever guidance they provide in such a setting will not be received as support.

Guidance needs an alignment. Achieving that is the first step to learning and helping.





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