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The whole & its parts

Different countries, different approaches

Friends started a project to create awareness about organ donation. It’s a project that came alive about a month ago and it’s making a ruckus. It helps that they are member of JCI Germany as it allows them to share the project in our network. It has even more resonance as one of the project members shared his story, revealing that he will need an organ in the next few years. Having been very active and recognized in the organization, his story creates impact.
During the last months organ donation has been actively discussed in the political sphere. There is a real need for organ donations in Germany, as in a lot of countries. The system isn’t perfect, but the lack of organs nevertheless reduces the hope to live for a lot of people.
In Germany it’s necessary to create awareness on the matter, because people have to opt in, they have to commit to the idea of organ donation.
Across the border, in Luxembourg, the assumption is a different one, it is one of giving. People may opt out. Even so, awareness campaign exist.
It’s a choice. One we shouldn’t forget to make.
The first results of the project initiated by these friends is an inspiring one. Members started realizing how many close friends might come into a situation of need. It’s inspiring to see how it transforms individual attitude.
PS. The project:  (only available in German)

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