The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Defined Success

People want to be successful.

However, while the desire is present, the ability to describe what this desire encompasses is rarely present. And when it is, the description usually aligns with some external definitions. It’s based on any type of score or any means that allows a comparison with others.

In essence, it can be described through the metaphor of winning the game or being good at that game. It is the result of knowing the rules well and being able to implement strategies and tactics to gain points as defined per the rules. The best way to be good in such a system is to know the rules and develop the competence to follow them in detail.

But it’s a system that is only applicable when rules exist, and everything is predefined.

Following the rules in a system within which they don’t apply is dreaming up one’s reality. That’s when people start to talk about how things should be.


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