The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Contracts in the contract

When teams work together, they do so based on assumptions individuals bring into the team.

These assumptions are a portfolio of beliefs, biases, expectations, habits, traditions, and interpretations. There is more than this to the relationship between individuals, and of individuals with the group, the organization as well as with its environment. However, the assumptions are all in some form a truth the person will rely on.

They all contribute to the person having a sense of having a contract with others. Thus they also influence the person’s commitment and the way they establish trust.

It is a psychological contract, there is nothing written about it and often also little knowledge of it.

This type of contract becomes apparent whenever the person perceives it as broken or not fulfilled. However, the reaction then rarely is one of stepping in and verifying the causes within the self, it will always be one of blaming the other or the circumstances.

Truths, that is perceived truths, don’t lead to self-doubts or reflections. They spread guilt and shame towards others.




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