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The whole & its parts

Choosing advice

The internet is full of videos sharing advice most probably on any topic you can think of. And as advice has come to feel natural for human beings it doesn’t stop there. When asked, and when not asked, advice will be available as a constant flow.

People have become so used to this that they’ll have developed an automatic filter to deal with advice. If anything is disturbing in the situation or the advice, they’ll forget it quickly. And most often they are right.

A lot of advice shared is based on an experience someone has or their favorite solution to a problem. While valuable, it may not be a good fit, and it may not be accessible to the other. Which doesn’t make it automatically wrong.

Once heard and received the question becomes what to do with the advice. Someone taking the time to share advice with you will not only do it out of self-interest, they try to help and might have seen something you haven’t seen.

If the advice made you curious, what are the questions you might ask yourself or the other?

Some will deal with your desire to use the advice or to please the other person. Others will relate to your ability to use and implement the advice as well as what you believe to be your ability. And yet others will deal with the effectiveness of that advice to achieve your goal or how you might use it to distract yourself from the task at hand.

Not all of them are easy to answer honestly.


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