The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Can you change it?

It’s a simple question: “can you change it?”

Simple doesn’t mean easy.

The starting point is some kind of desire that we have. It can be a regret we express and a hope we share.

On the way to that desire, we’ll see obstacles, most often in the given circumstances or others.

That is when assessing what can be changed becomes an exciting challenge. It is confronting us with the story we tell ourselves about our context.

However, it requires us to be honest with ourselves.

Giving up a desire because of circumstances or the idea that we can’t change it is worth being interrupted by asking ourselves “can you change it?”

If we answer “no” it often is worth taking a second look. This time the question is “what if you would prefer not to change it?”

It can uncover the many circumstances we neither need nor want to change. But then, there is no good reason to tell ourselves that we can’t change it.




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