The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Building on differences

A theme I’m often noticing while coaching, is how leaders want clarity to exist. In most cases, what they look for is that their team does what they asked them to do.

They seek an ideal situation in which whatever they communicate is taken in by their teams as it has been meant.

When thinking along these lines, they rarely take into account how the knowledge they have differs from the one their teams have. Nor have they reflected on the possible differences of what it is they respectively want to achieve. But most importantly, they assume that it is possible to establish clarity about a specific outcome, beyond having a shared objective.

And yes, it is desirable to have shared objectives, to contribute to a common set of values, and to have a common understanding of the existing constraints.

But it can only be built and created together. That is when recognizing differences contributes to clarity.




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