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The whole & its parts

Being agile and adaptable to what works

This idea of having to be “agile and adaptable to what works” reappeared in a LinkedIn post I’ve been reading. At first sight, it looks like a legitimate suggestion.

However, context is key. What is it that you are trying to achieve and what are the circumstances within which you are seeking to achieve it?

If these remain a given, there is a lot to be said about being agile and adaptable. In other words, learning what worked and why as well as what didn’t work and why.

If necessary, there is also no problem in letting go of what one wanted to achieve. That is if there is enough information available allowing to decide that it can’t be achieved or requires something that isn’t accessible at this stage.

However, what is helpful is to come to this conclusion without blaming circumstances or oneself. It allows for a state of mind of possibilities as one starts to redefine what it is, one wants to achieve.





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