The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

An astonishing twist

The more problems we are confronted with and see emerging, the more doubtful we’ll become that there is a solution.

However, as Marc Le Menestrel describes it, this can also be the reason to let go of some fundamental beliefs.

One of the core beliefs here is the idea that we need to find the solution or that we have found the solution. In this “the solution” is the idea that one has found the root cause of a system of problems and has a way to remediate that root cause. Having such a solution easily transforms an individual into someone who, based on his beliefs, embarks on a crusade to implement that solution.

For those who continue to see the system of problems, it is an approach that leads to disenchantment. And yet it can become a journey to perceiving the problems as opportunities.

When this happens, it is a surprising and somewhat magical shift. By letting go of the idea that there must be a solution to all the problems, any of the visible problems can become an opportunity and an invitation to act.

It doesn’t happen by itself though. It does require not only the intention to become aware of one’s beliefs, emotions as well as our identities in relationship with the journey, but also to come to terms with them. A reason why this is difficult is how the belief that we have the solution is intimately connected with our identity and ego. Letting it go asks us to see a different potential in ourselves.

Leaders might find this even more difficult as society expects them to be those who provide the solution.



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