The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Accepting the world as it is

The ability to accept the world as it is doesn’t come to us naturally.

Much of imagination, creativity, desire, or needs result from the idea that the world as it is can be different. It invites the individual to move into the past, where things were different, or into the future where things could be different. It’s how the situation as it is finds itself pushed aside.

It is an error to assume that accepting the situation as it is either requires fighting for a change or giving in to what exists in the current situation. Both approaches only capture the need for oneself to change. What they don’t do is invite us to stay with what is, thus allowing us to become aware of what it is and how it impacts us.

It’s challenging as it is a moment that requires us to distinguish between the story, we tell ourselves and what it is that is present. What the story tries to do is push oneself into adapting as we’ve done multiple times and thus confirm the bias that is built into the story.

Accepting the world as it is thus becoming the invitation to listen to the story, we tell ourselves instead of telling ourselves the story again.






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