The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: November 2022

Enjoying what you do

There is no way to enjoy what one does without understanding the reality of the

Questions create attention

Whatever questions you’ll be asking, they will create attention. You won’t have all the power

Origins of power

Power is an intangible concept. We can experience its impact, we can fear its force,

The happiness trap

Apart from the fact that happiness is a deeply personal concept, there are two ways

What is that story?

What people do is based on a story. It is the story they’ve started to

Awareness of power

A person who feels in power will not necessarily be self-confident. A self-confident person will

Praise and criticism

Many times, people appreciate sharing praise and find it hard to deal with criticism. But

Competing for attention

When people don’t know you, receiving attention may seem to be a challenge. When people

A note on perfection

Is it the ability to be perfect? Or is it the ability to react in

The executive’s job

Becoming an executive comes with a shift in what it means to be on top

Change happens by itself

Change is a constant. It happens by itself and independently from anyone’s desires. However, what