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The whole & its parts

When positive doesn’t work

Once in a while I meet people who are very positive.

So positive, that it seems that there is nothing that can be out of comfort for them. Whatever they share with you is related to the positive ways of making the world a more positive one.

The intent is a beautiful one. It is to help everyone see the beauty and kindness in the world. It is there to serve people who need to transition from a situation in which they perceive a problem to one in which there is a solution.

In a group, this approach often leads to insecurity.

Everyone in the team will have his or her own way to interpret this approach. For some, it will be a challenge as they don’t know how to deal with their own uneasiness. They wonder if it is ok to say something that may be negative or will even blame themselves for their lack of positiveness. Others may be forceful in bringing problems to the table, searching for ways to become audible. And yet others feel insecure as they experience the positiveness as a defense mechanism, they fear that the other may not be able to cope with something negative.

With all these questions in the room, the team will search for ways to ensure that the team can stay together, fearing that it may fall apart. Their sense of security is troubled as they don’t know how to be in the team just like they are, fearing to be judged for their ideas and contributions.


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