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Brad Adkins, ok ok, 2006, via PDX Contemporary Art
Brad Adkins, ok ok, 2006, via PDX Contemporary Art


Everyone is OK …. Does this starts to be tough to agree upon? I kind of hear some of you starting to disagree. This is a natural reaction, so let us make a step back and think about it.

Nature has given us tools and methods to help us survive, some of these are older than mankind. When meeting another being we have a few moments to decide how we are going to react to its presence. Is there trust, fear, respect, aggression? This quick evaluation of the situation will also be an evaluation of the other. We tend to classify in those we like or not, those we trust or not or in those we find intelligent or not. At least I have a tendency to do that.

How does this relate with the statement that people are OK?

Independently from any evaluation we might be applying to a person we can have a fundamental acceptance of the other. In that case the person as such is valuable, has importance and dignity; it will be independent from age, religion, culture or sex.

This applies to the person as such, not to his or her behavior.

For me, this was the clue. The evaluation I was making when meeting someone related to the behavior I could see and feel, whereas I had no idea about the person as such.

If you want to connect with your pears, expand your network or want to grow the number of customers, accepting other people as being OK will be a major asset as it helps you to keep an open mind and find the elements where you can connect.

Whenever you approach someone as a valuable person and acknowledge his or her importance and dignity you will find that the relation is strong and encouraging because this person becomes someone special for you.

Think and feel how this makes yourself special!

You too are an important, worthwhile, valuable person in your own right.


[Original publication via, Aug 01, 2010]

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