The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Day: December 1, 2017

How to Learn With Matti

One of the things I love to do are trainings for young members within JCI.

Get Ready for Action

Do you know these people who are always active? Francis is a fascinating guy, and

Emotional Competence

How do you feel today? Is this a question you would like to hear more

Avoid the Drama

In our relationships discussions can end up in a totally different way than we expected

You are OK

  Everyone is OK …. Does this starts to be tough to agree upon? I

Train to enable

In the past years I attended a lot of trainings as I love to learn

Geekdom Personality Types

Very often we question ourselves by comparing us to others. Usually this ends up in

The Missing Detail

Just a few days ago my brother married and decided to travel to Italy for

Understand Your Parents

During the last years my father had to adapt to quite a lot of things.

How to Make Your Life

Sir Winston Churchill (British politician, 1874 – 1965) once said “We make a living by