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The whole & its parts

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A worthwhile idea: autonomy

The Merriam-Webster defines autonomy as “the quality or state of being self-governing”. Wikipedia goes into


Today’s keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Marianne Gronemeyer shared a rant on standards. Along the years,

Leading and helping

As we take up leadership roles, in fact, any type of role, we will define

Being ready

Diplomas and certificates have taught us that there is a moment in time in which

Find the others

A few years ago I enrolled in the first edition of Seth Godin’s The Marketing

Stories we tell ourselves

As we go through life we tell ourselves stories, about others, about ourselves, about life.

From here to there

We give ourselves a goal and set out to reach it. That’s one way to

Making decisions

As we look around how others make decisions we will find many interesting approaches. Some

Running to get it done

Often speed comes with overwhelm.   You’ll meet people doing an excellent job. You’ll see