The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Obligation is a choice

Recently a friend asked me to watch his presentation in order to give him some feedback later on. It’s something I like to do, especially for friends.

There is so much in it, to imagine whom they wanted to address, what their core message was to be, and what the audience should walk away with. Beyond this, the question becomes, what type of feedback is the other looking for and what feedback they will be able to hear. Independently from this, there is also the consideration of what would be the most useful feedback.

Setting out to share feedback after reflecting on such questions transforms giving feedback into a labor of love.

A risk with moving ahead with the feedback that is just on top of one’s mind is, that we take that task of giving feedback as an obligation. Maybe even one we may fear as everything we share bears the risk of a gap between intention and words shared.

Choosing our state of mind transforms intention and result.


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