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The whole & its parts

Letting ourselves be disturbed

Throughout the year, I’ve been participating in several online training. For some of these, the end of the year correlates with the end of the availability of the training.

For quite a few participants, the deadline is just what they need to achieve their goal. It’s the measurable goal of doing all the lessons. Making the end visible helps them do the work and finalize all the lessons.

When engaging in online training, participants connect this new learning experience with the ones they had in the past. They remember how, at regular intervals, the learning would be validated with tests and that to succeed it was necessary to answer all the prompts. People having such an idea in mind, easily define their goal in online training with answering all the lessons. If they expect feedback it is one allowing to see if the questions in the lesson were answered correctly. At its best, feedback may then also provide some ideas on how a better answer would have looked like.

When we allow feedback to become an integrated part of the learning experience, the learning process suddenly shifts.

It does require to let ourselves be disturbed by that feedback. It’s disturbing when feedback doesn’t validate the ideas we shared or when It provides questions and nudges we can’t leave aside.

It requires the ability to see generosity in the given feedback. It doesn’t change our idea unless we decide to change it.

It helps us to review our ideas, possibly adding to them and maybe even transforming them.

Feedback is the opportunity to use all the minds available to create something bigger than individual minds can create.


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