The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Easing complexity

When we are looking at the details of the situation we are in, it becomes easy to be overwhelmed as we see more and more details and struggle to link them with one another.

These are the moments in which we find it difficult to see the big picture.

It’s like a mosaic. If we are close we see all the little stones. The further away we move, the clearer the picture becomes until we can’t see the little stones anymore.

Thinking is just the same. If we stick to details we can’t see the big picture. We have to step back and find a way to look at the details from a distance.

To do so, we can add context to our analysis: Can you put it into a long term view, asking yourself how it has been some time ago and how it will be in some years? Or can you put it into a larger geographical context, like all the projects you are running or all the relevant markets you are addressing? Or is there yet another context that helps you more?

The larger context helps us to let go of some of the details to be able to see the bigger picture. This step helps us to see if the priorities we’ve seen while analyzing the current situation remain the same in a larger context. This back and forth will ease your ability to make sense of a complex situation.

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