The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Control & Verification

Control is linked to an idea of security that we can attain from making sure that things are being done as we believe that they have to be done. The idea of controlling or control is there to let us feel in greater security, where the act of controlling serves us through our belief that it has prevented problems from occurring. In such a relationship the partners are not considered as having the same ability to establish an agreement and follow up on it. Responsibility is taken by one person.

Verification on the other hand can serve several purposes. It can for example serve us to verify if our understanding of an agreement corresponds to the understanding the other person has. It can also serve to make sure that the thing we created corresponds to the thing we promised to create. The act of verification thus serves the relationship by seeing both partners as equal in the need to be informed, in their ability to contribute to the partnership as well as in their responsibility to deliver the promised and agreed upon work. Responsibility is shared.



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