The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

On being “centric”

When I’m me-centric I can only see the world from where I am in that moment.

When I’m them-centric I can only see “them” and lose sight of me or us.

When I’m us-centric the only view available is us and neither them nor me are seen as parts of the whole.

Neither of these positions is a problem as such. What puts them into the middle of conflicts is the “centric” part of it. It’s forgetting that there are other perspectives, other ways to see things and thus losing the ability to co-operate or coexist with others. By using one view after the other we can us, them and me and start to decide how to make more out of them than a disconnected and single minded view.

Trying to see all of them together is confusing through the overlay of information. Try them one by one.

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