The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: June 2022

It makes our life easier

That is or has been the promise for most of the information technology we are

Favoring arguments

Whenever there is some kind of pressure within the team, there is a good chance,

Becoming an activist

Recently a colleague shared with me how a vast number of young people engaging themselves

Easy judgment

When people seek to make change happen, one of the things they will often plan

Wanting change

The desire for things to be different from what they are is probably limitless. And

Not knowing

It is easy to rely on what we know or on our competence. But there

The green stuff

After a long workday, Jack had cooked a soup for both of them and they

Clear communication

Clear communication is a rare occurrence. There are too many variables influencing our communication for

A sense of relief

One day Jay decided to leave the team. Until then, there had been a few

Waiting for an answer

Many questions don’t have an answer. And others may not be receiving an answer. Sometimes

The sense of urgency

Jason was focusing on developing his team. He saw his role as one where he